Setting Creation

Game Scale

Page 27, Fate Core Draft Text

  • The game will follow a Peaks and Valleys scaling style (pg. 188). Large scale storylines will follow the Hundred Years’ War, and smaller scale storylines will uncover the mystery of The Black Undeath and other character-driven plots.

Setting Issues

Page 28, Fate Core Draft Text

Current Issue: Hundred Years’ War

  • Regardless of the PC’s allegiances, everyone wishes the war will end in victory for their side.

Impending Issue: The Black Undeath

  • The Black Undeath will eventually threaten to destroy all of Europe.

Places and Faces

Early Places/Events

  • Battle of Crécy: The PC’s start the game with this decisive English victory over France
  • Calais: Edward III takes Calais shortly after Crécy, and it becomes the main hub for England to push troops and supplies into France. This is will also be the hub for PC’s.

Early Faces

Setting Creation

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